Outdoor Adventure

A Sexual Fantasy

— By pingui

We hadn't seen each other in a while so when I met him at the bar that night I felt a little nervous because we always had that intense vibe between us. When we ordered our drinks we immediately connected and as soon as we got a little tipsier it was clear that we both wanted an adventure right here. As he got up for the mens room I snuck to the back and found a back door to the yard in the back of the bar. So when he returned to the hallway I softly pulled his shirt in my direction and he followed me outside where he pressed me softly against the wall kissing my neck intensely. It was a warm summer night so we pulled our shirts off as we started grinding against each other rhythmically. I had never had sex outside before so I got a little shy before I pulled down his pants to feel his dick in my hands. I went down on him for a moment and then he pulled me back up again pressing me against the warm wall behind me. He entered me and we both cried out a soft moan. At this point I even found the thought arousing that someone might watch from a distant window somewhere. He held his arm in the right place so I would not get hurt by the rough wall behind me and I touched myself as he moved up and down back and forth while my other hand massaged his strong neck. Later he lit up a cigarette and we sat down on the pavement smoking in silence of satisfaction.