Of Course It's Okay

A Sexual Fantasy

— By curiousandfun


We LOVE your site! Our confession is my fiancé and I have been fantasizing about receiving a happy ending massage... but instead of separately enjoying this secret pleasure, we'd both be in the room together, watching each other get off.

Each of us would enter in a robe, and we'd be met by a male and female masseuse, both athletic, sensual, and attractive. We'd each lie down on the tables and the massages would begin as regular massages... then soon progress to something more. We'd look at each other, questioning if it's okay to continue, and we'd both smile at each other. Of course it is.

Our masseurs would work their magic, and we would both receive an amazing orgasm... watching each other enjoy a beautiful shared relaxation experience.

I'll leave the details to you.

Hope to view this confession soon...

Hugs and kisses!