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A Sexual Fantasy

— By Eddy

My girlfriend and I, we were 24 each at the moment. We travelled to Paris, because we always wanted to visit France, which is a very beautiful country.
When we arrived in Paris, we haven't had sex in four days. We stopped at a market. We bought food and stuff... Both wanted to go to toilet. So I went first, while I was peeing, she was buying stuff, and then she wanted to go to toilet too. So she went, and she opened the wrong door and she came into the men's toilet, so I said: "Wrong place lady!" Then she laughed, and she looked at my dick, then looked to see if anybody was seeing us. Then she came into the toilet, took my dick in her hand and start masturbating me. I was surprised, she moved to the door with my dick in her hands and closed the door, then she blowed me, and we started to fuck... She was very aggressive and horny. Then, we heard people trying to open the door but we kept going. People were hearing us and hearing the scream of my lady. They said words in french and we were laughing and fucking, we were enjoying it. She put my dick in her vagina, she take off all her clothes, and the French were still there, speaking. She moaned very very loud. They were strongly trying to open the door. We got up, she took my head and she put it in her vagina for me to start licking it... And while we were doing it, a guy smashed the door and they all saw us. They were very surprised, and disgusted. But we kept going until security took us out. This is how we enjoyed our journey in France.