Nocturnal Camp Site Fun

A Sexual Fantasy

— By 123Moondog

A small camping in the south of France, we arrived at the first day of a heatwave. At night it was so hot, we kept the entrance of our tent wide open. But the combination of sun, heat, and some booze made us very horny... So horny, that we didn't care who saw or heard us... Without any shame we did a 69, sucking and licking each others private parts. When his cock was fully erect, and wet from my saliva, I turned around, with my head sticking out of our little tent, he behind me fucking me doggy style. Our moaning and grunting sounds rolling over the camp site in the middle of the night. When I came, I shouted my friends'name loudly in that silent night. People in other tents beg us to stop, but we can't anymore.

A few more thrusts, then my boyfriend gasps loudly for air, and grunts loudly while filling me with his hot jizz. When we cuddled up, later, we discovered that we kept our flashlights on, so people around us had a clear view of our sexual escapades... The next morning, we were extra friendly to our fellow campers, with a shameless grin on our faces...