No Comparison

A Sexual Fantasy

— By HesterQu

My boyfriend and I have barely known each other for two months but we instantly clicked the first time we had sex. For the first time I feel like I found a man who equally shares my love for sex and who - like me - loves to fuck throughout the day and night.

We enjoy going to Kitkat here in Berlin not only to meet new people or watch others but because we very much enjoy being watched. I enjoy the admiring looks of others when he makes me squirt over and over again.

Last time we went we were sitting in some area where two couples started having sex. We just looked at each other and decided to join in, so we started fucking next to them. As always, he made me come numerous times with his hands and his wonderful dick. As always, I squirted so much that there was a big puddle of my juice on the ground (one of my shoes was completely wet, in fact). After we finished a guy who had been admiring us the entire time just said, "The other four had been fucking for half an hour before you started but the way you caught up - you are not comparable. Just wow! You should make porn!" (Which he repeated any time he saw us that night.)

When we went to the XConfessions screening in Berlin last night and watched "Dirty Laundry" we just looked at each other laughing and said, "That's no comparison to us!"