Night of Ecstasy

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Paro Gide

I have this fantasy where my husband and I have a weekend getaway where we want to rekindle our sex life by using the drug Ecstasy like we did back in college. It starts off with a friend of mine, who is into the Burning Man Festival lifestyle, refers us to a local friend near our hotel, who will deliver the drug. I love my husband and want to make it extra special so I do my makeup very sexy and surprise him with sensual lingerie while we wait for the delivery. When the delivery man knocks, I quickly don my robe and invite him in. He is a very nice, handsome black man who is well muscled and it turns out that he and I have a lot in common with our past. As we are chatting, my husband excuses himself to use the rest room (sometimes the drug will make you do that) while our guest and I continue our amazing conversation. As soon as my husband closes the bathroom door, the drug takes hold of me and I begin kissing our surprised guest. My husband and I are both of Asian decent so the contrast of my size and skin color to our guest is very erotic to me. Soon, I want to taste him and hear him moan so I move down to unzip his pants and place him in my mouth. Having the power to control such a large man with just my mouth is a huge turn on for me and it is not long before I want more and climb into his lap. I do not let him enter me yet but I enjoy kissing his thick dark lips and moving my sex up and down on his powerful shaft. As we rub our sex together, I notice the bathroom door is slightly ajar and dark. My husband must be watching his wife have sex with another man and does nothing. It turns me on. I can no longer control myself at this point and I raise my hips to push him into me. It is like heaven to be filled with his manhood as I slowly work my way down his shaft. As our hips meet, I kiss him deeply, passionately sucking his tongue into my lips. It is not long before he tells me he is about to cum, I ignore his warning as I feel my own climax approach.I hear him moan as he releases his seed into me and I throw my head back in Ecstasy.