Naughty Birthday Wish

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Birthday girl

I once asked my ex-boyfriend to cook for me naked. It was my only birthday wish. He's a chef, so I knew I'd be in for a treat and he would do everything to perfection to satisfy my appetite. But safety first, I would allow him to wear an apron and enjoy the view of his cute, little ass while he's busy working in the kitchen. Sitting on the couch with a delicious glass of wine in my hand, sensual music playing in the background, I'd watch him how he chops the veggies, his muscular arms tense with the action, his bum wiggling with every movement. Every now and then he looks over his shoulders and smiles shyly at me admiration of him. He plates up a platter of appetizers and feeds me bits of cheese and grapes that complement perfectly my white wine. I moan from his attention and the deliciousness that is unfolding in my mouth. If this feels so good already, I can't wait for what else he has prepared for me! I notice that his cock is pleased with my gratitude, too. When he returns to the kitchen, he's obviously distracted now. First hesitant to indulge my birthday wish, he's now enjoying our little game, too! That's what I was dreaming about... Unfortunately, he never fulfilled my naughty birthday wish, but maybe you, Erika, can make me a happy birthday girl again?