A Sexual Fantasy

— By P.Henry

I watched her each morning through the windows of her studio as I sat in my 2nd story office that overlooked what should have been her private backyard.

Each morning, she stepped into the glass surrounded studio to meet the sunrise with her yoga practice. She would mindfully step onto the hard wood floor, closing the glass door behind her, slip out of her robe to reveal a lithe and taut body--long unwieldy curled brown hair rolling over her shoulders and down her back. She stepped confidently onto the yoga mat--closing her eyes gently and began to breath, her belly expanding with the intake and her breasts moving only slightly, the nipples hardening in the center of her modest chest.

As she breathed, I breathed. Though yards apart, I felt as if I were in the room, feeling the warmth of the sun flood through the windows and chase away the morning chill.

And then she would move--slowly, methodically, bending, planking, holding her sun salutation--seemingly effortlessly, her body beginning to sweat, kneeling, vinyasa--bending and stretching every nerve and muscle..she was lost from the world inside herself. And I watched...Her legs spreading as she inverts, exposing her full mound of pubic hair covering her clit and spreading to her anus. I feel my member begin to throb. Taken in by her...she that position that I anticipate...Plough pose, her hips in the air, her legs bent over her, knees nearly to her forehead. With her sex and anus toward me as if to present them for my taking...she holds there. And my cock throbs. The bile of desire builds in my throat. My minds eye is touching those spaces of her, caressing them penetrating them. I breath deeply and feel the release of my swollen cock.

And she then moves. Smoothly, slowly. Pulling herself into her sitting resting pose...eyes closed, pleased with herself--seemingly not just for the completion of her practice, but also for the unconscious pleasure she provided to me.