A Naked Server for Girls Night

A Sexual Fantasy

— By sexykinkybeauty

Sexual playfulness without the sex: flirtation without clothes. Tonight it’s a girls’ night book club: no husbands or boyfriends allowed. And lately the woman have taken to hiring a nude male butler, server or model to make the night a little more exciting. They'll be prepping the snacks, serving the drinks, chatting, and entertaining. This time it’s her turn to host the gathering. Since it’s a ladies’ night, she kicks her husband out of the apartment first thing in the evening. Soon after, the hired man arrives early to help her prepare for the night. Stripping down naked after a short discussion about the party plans, he is soon busy preparing food and organizing the kitchen while she chats with him, sipping wine and nervously watching him work....

It's time for her girlfriends to arrive. With these regular nude-male-server evenings, there’s always nervous giggling at first, but it never lasts: the wine and friendly conversation easily take care of that. The beautiful evening turns to night, with a lot of discussion, laughter, and entertainment. The naked man is very much appreciated. The women are enjoying the night together, the server making everything flow effortlessly. The nudity is an amazing bonus for the ladies.