My rival's glory

A Sexual Fantasy

— By singlecuckold

I was visiting a woman I desired very much, but I hadn’t yet had the courage to try to win her.
The bell rang. Another guy came around to visit her. He wanted her too, I knew.
A sexy atmosphere was brewing. The other guy proposed a game of strip poker. But she refused, as she didn’t want a threesome.
“Then why don’t you pick one of us? So that only one will remain unsatisfied, but not all three of us!” I said, and she liked the idea.

So we started a game I’ll never forget.

After some time, all our clothes were off. We decided to play a game. The winner of each round could ask anything, but she could refuse.
I asked to kiss her legs. She allowed me to kiss her high heels, nothing more.
He asked to kiss her neck and her breasts. She let him do it.
She asked me put on some nice, slow dancing music for her. I did … and I saw her taking the other man by the hand and dancing with him, their naked bodies touching closely.
She asked me to wash up the dishes in the kitchen! And I did, as she walked back to the room. Her heels clicking on the stone floor.
I finished the washing up and went back to where they were, maddened by horniness and dread.
They were fucking. While dancing! She was a tall woman, and on her high heels she could take his cock into her cunt, while they danced!
She looked at me, first my face and then my cock. She was visibly turned on from seeing me like that, unsatisfied and rejected. She gasped and groaned audibly with pleasure. A very thin film of sweat covered her face. And I couldn’t keep my eyes off her bewitching movements either.
And then she let out a shivering cry, and another one, and another one and another one as the glowing shoots of pleasure convulsed her groin. She laid her head against my rival’s shoulder. Then her lover couldn’t hold back anymore: he screamed as his balls emptied in hot spasms, shooting their liquid fire into her body.
And I stood by and looked on, tormented the ache of my unrequited longing, the itch in my groin.

Excruciatingly sublime.