My girl has a secret tattoo...

A Sexual Fantasy

— By 123Moondog

When I met my girlfriend, I did not know that she would drive me crazy with her tattoo... She looked sooo cute and innocent, with her long blonde hair and her big blue eyes. Petite, and in a cute way sexy, with small perky tits and small, heart shaped buttocks. The first time I saw her naked, I was shocked when I saw her tattoo... Do you want to know what it looked like? Well... She had a zipper as tattoo, starting at her navel, going all the way down, around her labia, up to her butthole! The grip was just above her clitoris, and the opened parts of the zipper ran round her labia, with the end clip against her butthole! She said, laughing, I'm all opened up for you, please come and play! And so I did, we had a very hot night together. Now she is daring me to take a tattoo also on an intimate place... She will decide what and where... I can't wait...!