Miracle from a Friend

A Sexual Fantasy

— By smalldick84

My wife and I tried to have a baby for over a year but couldn't succeed. That period of time was pretty dark for both of us and after trying and trying we lost connection and stopped having sex completely. Still, a miracle happened that saved our relationship and gave us a beautiful baby. My best friend, who lives abroad, came to visit us and stayed with us for over two weeks. He's a very handsome guy with beautiful brown eyes and dark brown hair and body hair. Having a third wheel was very refreshing and my friend really sparked up our lives and boosted positivity. During that time my wife and I, we still didn't have much physical contact with each other, but I could sense her sexuality was waking up again. She was very flirtatious with my friend and they hit it off very well. I was jealous and aroused and had many sleepless nights thinking there was something between them. I had this dream that kept repeating: I woke up and my wife wasn't there. I heard sounds from the guest room and I sneaked behind the door and watched as my wife was having sex with my friend. It was so beautiful and my mind was filled with a mixture of pleasure and jealousy. I watched for a good time and, after they finished and were cuddling, I sneaked back to our bed and pretended to be sleeping when my wife came back. In the morning, I couldn't tell if it was a dream or if it had really happened. But after my friend left, we started having sex again and our relationship was better than ever. The best thing was my wife missed her next periods and she was pregnant. I still remember how we used to cuddle during her pregnancy, I rubbed her big belly and we both reminisced about how that visit changed our lives. We got a miracle, a beautiful brown eyed dark haired baby girl. Pretty good from two blue eyed blondes.