Making monogamy sexy

A Sexual Fantasy

— By MissyMag

Few years ago I went on a field trip with my student research group and I was in a fresh relationship. I just couldn't imagine myself to be separated from my girlfriend for over one month. We texted naughty messages and love-letters to keep in touch and we confessed our wet dreams to get the fantasy inspired. Whenever one of us went to go out we would ask what the other was wearing and I photographed myself after working out in the hotel gym and she took photos with her in her party outfit. She told me what she would do with my steamy body and vice versa. The other day she wore the black dress from our first real intimate date and naughty night out. Oh Goddamm I loved it. And then she told me stories where she told me really naughty stuff. She likes to be in charge and I like her in that position. No I adore her. She told me what she was up to and that she will party like a single lady tonight. She texted me about every location and the looks of the guys and girls she earned and about all the almost too intimate talks she had. The thing which gave me the lusting rest was when she texted me from a party from a friend of mine. She tolde me about a guy who was pretty nice and had all the things she liked: Tattoos, tall, goodlooking and being really funny and nice to her. Things heated up and the live updates from her drove me nuts. I wanted to be him, I wanted to stand there and watch, I wanted to know who the other guy was I really must have known him since it was a party of a friend. Ohhhhh she texted me what she would do if she wasn't in a monogamous relationship. She told me how she heated the guy up. She told me how he almost pinned her to the wall and how she really tried hard to avoid that kiss he was trying to steal from her. Was she telling me all? What did happen? I texted her to tell me more about that guy? She texted me that she literally had to run away from the situation and I imagined how she touched herself that night. And until today the fantasy of this situation makes me really hard and horny....