I Love Stretchmarks

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Mr. J

I love stretchmarks, on women's bellies, on the sides of their breasts, thighs, everywhere. I think women should wear them with pride.
So, this is what caught my eye at the gym, a new women overlapping my time at the evenings. A short brunette, with long hair and green-brown eyes, arriving after work, really focusing on abdomen and chest exercise. Was wearing a simple T-shirt, but when it lifts up a little you can see a round belly with deep stretchmarks. She seemed to be in her early 30's, and I guessed she is probably trying to get into shape after pregnancy. Since I have 3 kids of my own, children was an easy starter for a conversation at the water fountain.
After couple more evenings like that I made a comment on her working out too hard... this really cracked the ice. There, at the coffee machine, on the way to the shower, she really opened up. She told me that since she had her baby she hates how her body looks, well, actually her husband hates it. She said that he especially hates her stretchmarks, and she is coming to the gym to try and make them go away. So I told her that I think that women become prettier and sexier after they become moms.
And then, I asked her if I could see them. Since we were both on our way to the shower, we decided to continue it from there...