Look At Me While You Get Fucked

A Sexual Fantasy

— By jj_uno

I have a very strong desire to have a woman's attention focused on me while she is being fucked by another man. I've imagined different scenarios, but the one that appeals to me the most is for me to be sitting with my legs spread. She is sitting between my legs, leaning back against me as another man fucks her. She is obviously enjoying what he is doing, breathing hard, moaning, arching her back, but her attention is on me. She is looking into my eyes, running her fingers through my hair, kissing me and moaning my name. Every time he thrusts into her, I can feel her body jolt against mine. When she cums, she locks eyes with me as her orgasm washes over her body. When it is over, we sit there, cuddling and kissing, his cum on her belly or leaking out of her pussy.