Lights, Camera, Action

A Sexual Fantasy

— By MeganHussey

As a high profile director of what is generally called femme porn, I--Sabrina Laurent--never had come across a star like Jett. This gorgeous young hunk boasted the ebony hair, the azure eyes, the flawless skin, the sculpted form that drove women wild; up to and including the woman who filmed him in countless scenes that brought female fantasies to life.

Ah, but Jett had been a bad boy; leaving the industry to marry one of his co-stars and breaking my heart in the process. And now the newly divorced hunk has come crawling back, saying he'll do anything to get back in my good graces, in my movies, and in my bed. He promises to bring my fantasies to life--this time with me, in front of my camera. Ah, but should I do it? Should I trust him? Temptation threatens to overwhelm me as I consider whether to call cut, or action....