A Sexual Fantasy

— By Conil

I have a memory of a few years ago, when we returned from the beach, my wife stopped to take a shower right there to remove the sand and salt from the sea. That day she showered topless and I contemplated the scene a little apart, like one more vacationer without being able to relate to her. In this way I could see that at the lifeguard station, which was about 20 meters from where my wife was taking a shower, a young lifeguard remained without taking his eyes off her. I immediately empathized with him: seeing her hands go over her breasts, her arms raised, lightening her hair, as she dug into her bikini bottoms, removing sand and leaving a good part of her ass and mount of Venus in sight, it was to cheer up. the day to anyone. It excites me to wonder what could be going through that young lifeguard's head as he watched my wife; what do you think?