It Happened In Madagascar

A Sexual Fantasy

— By domiel

A few years ago I was on holidays in Madagascar with my girlfriend (let's call her M.).
One morning, as I rose in another 4x4 she rent, I thought about a way of leaving her. But I noticed that we were not alone. Two girls were sitting in the back of the car. They were about 22 or 23 y.o, (I was 35) looking very attractive! As soon as I took a place, I felt her look on me. H. was so pretty and looked so yummy... we spoke till the car would stop for the night.
After a nice diner where H. and I were playing footsie, we all went to sleep cause the trek was very early in the morning.
I stayed with M. till she fell asleep, then I went into the hall to smoke a cigarette. H. was here, drinking a lil' glass of rum. She gave me the glass, I took some rum in my mouth then I kissed her.
- What are you doing? she said
- Oh nothing... just kissing you
After a lot of burning kisses and exciting caresses, she got up and reached her hand into mine to go to her bedroom. As I got up too, I asked about her friend.
- She's in the bedroom... but don't matter she won't say nothing, she just likes to watch.
So I followed her. Her friend was lying on one of the two beds.
- Hi, I said, I don't know your name
No answer.
H. came to me and started to undress me. She was naked. A perfect body. Her friend was watching us, I was so horny. While H. started sucking my hard dick, I had a look to her friend, she bit her lip.
As long as we fucked, the friend said nothing and didn't move. But I'm sure her panties were very wet.
Then I went back to my room to be ready for the trek before the sunrise.