I want to be adored

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Lolaslongings

I recently finished a night out to dinner by visiting a high end strip club. It seemed that all the customers were hot, well dressed men or couples and I was overcome with how wet I was as I took in the electric environment. I've been to strip clubs before, but there was something otherworldly about this place. I was seduced by the perfumed, writhing bodies and the erotic pulse of the music; hypnotized by the "come-fuck-me" stares of the utterly sensual female dancers.

But you want to know what really turned me on? What got my mind racing and my pussy throbbing? I was jealous of the dancers. All night I watched them flirt and rub up against gorgeous men and I was desperate to trade places with them. I wanted to be in control of the sexual energy in the room like they seemed to be.

I picture myself on stage. Barely dressed in slinky lingerie, I gyrate my hips and sway my ass. I press my tits into the face of customers and collect their tips with my teeth, caressing their fingers with my tongue from time to time.

Hungry men stare at me and worship my sexual power. I survey the room and see a handsome black man in a tailored suit and invite him for a private dance where he can touch and caress me...and in return I can do the same. He is helpless as I place his hands on me & whisper in his ear. His erection grows; I unzip his pants to spring it free and let it bounce in front of me. And then I put on a real show...

One at a time & in separate dances, I invite men to worship and explore my eager body as I dance for them. I take such pride in my job and make sure that each enjoy a special ending that leaves them completely satisfied.

In this delicious fantasy I'm paid handsomely for the extra services that I indulge in behind closed doors. But that's not why I do it.

To be completely consumed and worshiped as a sexual goddess by several men on the same night? Well, I do that just because I can....