I love watching her dress for me

A Sexual Fantasy

— By P.Henry

"No...not that one." I said to Amanda as she stood before me in a long slip dress with a high collar--dark crimson in color. Of her many fine features, I so enjoyed watching the muscles in her legs tighten and relax with each step in her high heels. I knew it was not right for her.


"Please try this one." From my vantage point in the plush soft dark brown leather arm chair which was positioned to the side of the 3 way mirror in the changing suite, I motioned to the dress in the left hand of Samantha, our shop girl assistant.


"I believe THIS dress will suite you much better, my love." I said.


Amanda smiled demurely at me, reaching for the less formal and more playful--still sensual and romantic--dress. A wrap dress, knee length, light silken grey with a slight ruffled hem and v-neckline. A simple fabric tie high on her waist. Taking it from Samantha, her eyes tilting down slightly, shy still, a little embarrassed to be the center of such attention.


We were in her favorite obscure boutique in Brooklyn, "Fox", after hours with arrangements made for us to have the shop all to ourselves other than one girl to assist us. It was in this warm, dimly lit shop where we found ourselves on Amanda's 30th birthday - indulging in mutual and multiple fantasies. You see, I very much enjoy watching my love dress for me, and despite her shy nature, she enjoys to perform. Here on our personal runway, she would do as I say, dress as I wish, move as I instruct--and as a reward she would go home with a wardrobe of pretty things.
For me, it was not about power nor control of Amanda, but about the unleashing of her inner calling and the dwelling in the darker corners of her mind. A shy girl, finding her strength and voice with each unveiling. And I watch her step from out from behind the thin curtain ...each time building the anticipation. Feeling my sex thicken and wane as she she reveals herself and then hides again to change. I could feel her sex moisten with each look I gave. Building anticipation - always building anticipation with each revealing.