Hotel TV

A Sexual Fantasy

— By refantasies

Me, you and most of us have been at least once in a hotel with some very sexually active neighbors which you can hear through thin hotel walls. Being in such a situation I always try to imagine who are they, in which room do they live, how do they look, are they young or old, what sex pose do they have now, is it just simple sex or maybe they are doing some bdsm or anal sex. In the morning when most hotel guests meet during breakfast I'm trying to guess which of these couples did I hear at night. But what if there would be a very special hotel with a very special TV inside every room where instead of boring tv channels you could switch through cameras installed in every hotel bedroom and you could actually not just hear but see what all guests are doing in their bedrooms (consensual, of course)? What if your room channel will be on that TV also? How would you react while watching all those couples around you? Would you have sex also knowing that you probably are being watched? How would you react during breakfast when you meet that couple you enjoyed watching last night? This fantasy really turns me on and I remember it every time I visit any hotel.