He dreams of an intruder

A Sexual Fantasy

— By KCM

A man finishes a long day at work, while commuting home on the bus he sees a woman that exudes sensualism in her aura. Their eyes lock and nothing happens but a guilty gaze of lustful imagination. Caught up in this gazing experience he almost misses his stop, he quickly snaps out of it in time to exit the bus. He thinks to himself that his dillusional interaction will never result in anything. He proceeds home to make himself dinner and relaxes for the evening before bed, the regular ritual. He slips into bed with the last thoughts of what had happened today. He falls asleep with a smirk on his face wondering. This interesting thought leads to his dream where he finds himself asleep with a cool breeze coming from his window. Unbeknownst to him there lies an intruder dressed sleekly in black outside its the woman he made contact with that day. She quietly creeps through the window cautiously making sure not to disturb anything. She enters not looking to steal anything but to use this man as her sexual tool. She creeps up to his bed and slowly slips off his covers, taking a pair of scissors she cuts away his boxers to reveal his privates. She slowly takes her fingers to gently trace the length of his penis. He moans slightly with enlightenment, she then proceeds to moisten the tip of her finger and applies a gentle circular motion to the tip of his penis resulting in a fast flow of blood to engorge his member. Pleased with the results the culprit disrobes herself getting ready to use his body for her pleasure. She takes the mans finger and uses it to rub her own clitoris, the thoughts of doing so makes her eager but she knows she needs to cautiously move forward not to wake him. As she kneels beside him using his fingers for her pleasure she slowly manipulates his penis to keep it stimulated, occassionally giving a gentle suckle. Having brought herself to a point where she feels the need to mount the man she slowly does so. Cautiously she grabs a hold of his wrist and places his arms above his head.... And he wakes up alone.