A Sexual Fantasy

— By ofernandezjr69

I have been married to my wife for 20 years. We are both 45 with three boys (17, 15, 10). She has never been with another man. No sex, no oral sex. She hasn't even ever seen another cock besides mine. She is gorgeous. Sexy. When she walks in a room, everyone notices her. Our sex life is great. Lots of role playing. She likes sex almost as much as I do. She loves oral sex too -- both giving and receiving. So it's weird that I have always had this fantasy of her having sex with another man. At first, it was both of us having our way with her. Then it evolved to me watching the man have his way with her. Then I thought she really couldn't let herself go completely with me in the room so it has evolved to her calling me on her cell phone after hooking up with a professional man at a hotel bar, or a restaurant bar while on business travel, and putting it on speaker without the man knowing so I can hear her getting fucked. She is normally vocal and even talks dirty when we have sex, so to hear her with someone else is a turn on. Then she comes home and tells me all about how naughty she was and maybe she can get used to this hawtwife (hotwife) fantasy of mine. And we relive it with amazing sex between us. Until the next time...