Fun and games

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Bay

I would love to go to a party as a couple, and play some initially tamer party games like spin the bottle until with the rounds, clothes come off and naughty dares are done, that start from little kisses, to spanking, kissing/licking intimate areas. Then the rounds get naughtier like, jerking or sucking cock for 10 seconds all in front of each other as part of the game, until eventually she is enjoying it a lot with a guy who’s not her partner and he is watching along with everyone else, and the crowd are enjoying it so they urge her and this new big cocked guy to continue. Putting on a show all the way until she rides him to finish inside her or on her curvy ass or busty tits, and then after enjoying the show and playing with himself amongst the group, boyfriend can come and have his short turn at the end. Cumming inside her too ideally, or maybe just jerking and cumming onto her big ass.