Smut on Speed

A Sexual Fantasy

— By katana217

I suppose I've got to come out with it.

I think... No, I KNOW I've got a fetish. And it's a really peculiar one as well.

I like watching porn in fast-forward, with the sound turned off. I find it incredibly arousing, to watch someone being drilled at high speed, or watching a girl rub herself, sped up until her fingers blur.

The only problem is, I can't really find that much fast-forwarded porn of any kind, and even less of any sort of quality. So I'm coming out of the closet as a Speed Fetishist. I'd like to see more porn videos sped up. Girls tickling themselves off in record time, Blowjobs like a woodpecker pecking at a tree, lightning-fast fucks from nought to cum in as little as 1 minute!

Now you might think that it defeats the object to speed up a fuck so much, that it would ruin the ambience and turn this sacred act into little more than industrial-strength Benny Hill. Well maybe that's where this little kink of mine originated.

And I'm not the only one. Through my travels on the internet, I've discovered other Fast Motion lovers, each with their own extras on the side, but mainly interested in speeded-up sex!

There aren't many of us yet though. Perhaps in time, someone will decide to share their own fantastically frantic, fast-forwarded fuck-fantasies with the world. Until then, all we have are our own imaginations and the crumbs we make do with.

Viva Speed!