For your eyes only

A Sexual Fantasy

— By gennazachery

A couple of my friends helped me get a job at a tanning salon when I was in college. Employees could tan for free at closing time and we would let our boyfriends tan free when the owners were not around. The doors on the tanning rooms were like shutters for ventilation and it was possible to see in the rooms from just the right angle.


I was working at the salon one evening when a friend of mine came in to tan. He was super cute and I was super bored. Erica, the gorgeous girl working with me, smiled knowingly when I told her I was going to go chat with my friend as he tanned. I went back to the tanning booth and talked with my friend and then ended up giving him head. So I sent Erica a text telling her it was 9pm and to lock the front door. I heard the text chime right outside the door and immediately realized she was trying to get a good angle to see what we were doing.


Erica texted me back saying that all the customers were gone but didn't have a key for the door, so I messaged her to come to my tanning booth and I would give her the key as long as she "didn't look". When she cracked the door she did look, which was fine because we were fucking just for her. She went and locked the front door and returned for the remainder off the show. About a month later she put on her own show with a guy that was incredible for me to watch.