For their eyes only

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Lawchick

So, I fantasize about being explored as a part of foreplay. About having my eyes covered at least at first so that he can look at what he wants without reservation. For me at least, I like the idea of seeing what there is to see of their body which I would embarrassed to get a view of & explore while they watched. It's an extension of loving them and wanting to see every inch of their body. The thought of a lover wanting to visually explore your body because they are attracted to you is almost, in itself, enough to make me orgasm.
I would be blindfolded in a dimly lit room legs spread with knees up on my back. He would slowly explore, with touch and sight where he wanted. He would move my legs and body to see my pussy better-his hands adjusting my legs/or body for a better view would send tingles down my legs force goose bumps and curled toes. Every time he'd move my body to see something better would make my vagina lips visually swell more. To continue he would do what he wanted and knew I would like. Like sliding fingers in and out of my pussy and maybe teasing my ass with fingers to see if I'd encourage them into me. He'd hold my breasts together tightly and sliding his dick through them, increasingly thrusting until he almost climaxed. He'd move his dick to my lips and lightly rub it across them to see if I wanted to take it, him, into my mouth.
He'd tap his erection against my pussy to entice tease and warn me. He'd finally enter me lean down and kiss me slowly and deeply with tender hands while thrusting inside me with increasing force and intensity. He would orgasm before he meant to because he couldn't stop himself.