Finding out the hard way my girl is a cheat

A Sexual Fantasy

— By johnsmith

One night my girl and I were hanging out at her place and she got a text from her "friend" Jerome, who I didn't care for but my gf would say "he's just a friend." I told her he wanted more than that but she denied it and said no way. Once we were pretty drunk I asked her if she cared to prove her theory.


I told her to text him and tell him to come over. She sent the text and within seconds she got a response, "be right over." I told her I would go in the room next us so that he thinks you guys are all alone. And when he makes a move on you then you will know I was right. Moments later I hear his car door. He knocks on the door, I get in place and my gf lets him in. She was wearing some green booty shorts that showed off her amazing ass. She's a white girl but she has so much ass. She had a little white tank top on that revealed her cleavage.


I can't quite see them from where I am but I place myself in perfect viewing position of the couch. a few moments pass and they move to the couch. She asks him what he was up to for the night and he tells her that he was at the club and that was why he had texted her. He said, "I thought you might want to finish what we started last thursday night?" My mind races, I was out of town last thursday and she said she went to bed early. My thoughts are interrupted when I hear him ask, "Was that the biggest dick you ever had in your mouth?" my girl giggles and I hear her whisper yes!


He says lets finish what we started. silence. I drop my head and cant bear to look anymore. I dont hear anything for a few moments until I hear the subtle sound of gagging and slurping. I open my eyes to see my beautiful gf attempting to take 10 inches of meat in her mouth. Clothes begin to fly off and soon she is naked with her tits out. He asks her "you want this dick?" she says yes with an enthusiasm I had never heard from her. He shoves his dick into her pussy and she lets out a moan. They fuck til she lets out a scream and cums on his dick. Five minutes later he's gone.