Rockstars at the parking lot

A Sexual Fantasy

— By queenofbj

The idea of having people watching us having sex always turned me on, but we never had the guts to search for any watchers (we've never been the kinky type, wouldn't even know where to start!). So since we found out that this dogging thing was a hit in Barcelona, we couldn't stop thinking about it.
We looked it online and joined this 'dogging' website. Everyone was talking about a specific park where they'd go to watch couples fuck. It was the perfect plan! Last Friday I took my boyfriend out for a glass of wine and suggested that we went to the park. We drove around 10 minutes and chose a spot under some trees. Right after parking we turned up the interior lights and started kissing. We noticed a few men coming closer to the car - but not too close, so I never felt like I was in danger. We undressed and I went down on my boyfriend, and he was so hard I thought he would explode. He would describe any moves he could see out of the car, guys getting closer to watch, partly naked girls teasing the guys, everyone looking at us through the window glasses... Some would start making out in front of the car, maybe they have just met and felt inspired by us? I couldn't control myself, I wanted them all to see me in action, so I came up and started riding my boyfriend... and as the car started moving along our bodies we kept watching the voyeurs until we both came, intense and strong and feeling like rockstars! Someone out there blinked a flashlight, as if saying "thank you". We both laughed at the whole situation... We got dressed, turned the car on and drove back home, satisfied and feeling sexy as hell.