Feedback Loop

A Sexual Fantasy

— By original wanksta

Recently I met a woman named Lisa. We hit it off immediately, but she surprised me with a unique request. Before she would have sex with me, I had to watch her fuck someone else. Then, if we did have sex, someone else would be watching us. She never had sex without someone watching.

I guess some people lose interest when she tells them this, but I was intrigued, and we made arrangements for the following night. When I arrived, she introduced me to Marcus, one of her regular lovers. I asked him if he'd gone through the same initiation, and he assured me that he had.

I took my seat in the corner to observe. I'd never watched people fucking before (not in person, anyway), but as they undressed and caressed each other, the energy in the room was so intense that I couldn't help masturbating. Lisa was clearly turned on by having an audience, which got Marcus more excited, which got me more turned on watching them. I stroked myself while they fucked, our mutual arousal enhancing each other's in a giant feedback loop until all three of us had climaxed.

Tonight it's my turn. We'll meet up in the same place, where she'll introduce me to the person who's going to watch us. I don't know who it will be, but I hope we put on a great show for them.