A Sexual Fantasy

— By Mafedz

During really hot summer days, especially on the weekends, my boyfriend and I would go up to the rooftop of our building, where there was a terrace that almost nobody used. We would lie naked under the sun, sweating and enjoying being exposed, but covered by the buildings next to us, allowing only the neighbours in the tall buildings surrounding us to have a peak at us, but not completely. We would have sex there, under the sun, sweating from the heat, quick and afraid of being discovered, but slow enough to enjoy it, having the anticipation of looking at each other laying naked and exposed for everyone to see, to discover us.

The heat and the feeling of being watched turned us on, fantasising about being caught by an innocent neighbour that wanted to use the terrace that day, and maybe deciding to join. Or by the thought of others, watching from their windows and getting off with us.