Every voyeur's dream is to have exhibitionist neighbours

A Sexual Fantasy

— By itsagastopia

So this is the second time I stumble upon my neighbours from the building across the street having passionate, intense sex with the window open and the lights on.

The first time it was already late in the night and I was going to shut my window and go to sleep when it came to my attention that there was only one light on in the entire building. And there they were, what a beautiful sight! He was laying on his back while she sucked his rock hard cock. And oh boy she looked hungry! Moments later she rode him hard while he sucked and kissed her breasts. By this time I started touching myself and I came just the moment they did. The entire moment I kept myself in the dark trying to be as stealthy as possible, I don't think that they saw me at all.

This second time it was different thou.

It was hot as hell inside so I decided to go outside in the balcony, wearing only my underpants as I always am when home. He was having a smoke by the window while talking to her in the bed. I started to observe them, willing that they'd give me a little show again. At some point he saw me looking at him and waved at me. I waved back and kept looking. As he finished his cigar and came back inside to the bed, the show was on. That night I didn't even bother to keep myself in the dark or to hide from them – they already knew I was watching them after all. And I could see that sometimes they both looked back at me as if they wanted me to be watching. It was so exciting! I came again just minutes before them.

I'm thinking seriously about finding out their apartment number to leave a note saying congrats for their performance and thanking them for having me participate in some way.