Erotic Tales

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Kitty (didn't know if I would have enough room for the actual stories)

A man sits in the middle of a dark room, completely nude. He's completely free to leave but doesn't. Pronounced footsteps echo through the room as a woman enters, clothed in a long coat covering what's underneath. As he sees her, his member almost twitches with anticipation. She drops the jacket on the floor and sits completely upon his lap facing him, naked save her heels. She places his hands on her back to keep stable as she begins to tell him a story. Not even touching him as she does so simply watching his pleasure rise with her words. She tells him of what she wants him to do to her, of what she wants to do to him, of what they might do to others, all while his hands ache on her back with a need to bring her even closer or at least grasp himself. As her final story concludes, she passionately kisses him and begins to enact the final tale.