Draw My Desire

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Eros Lex

So this story is inspired by my work as a model for figure drawing classes. As an art model I have to hold poses for up to 30 minutes sometimes. When holding these poses I must entertain myself in my mind in order to make time go by quicker and also so I don't get anxious about not being able to move. However, what I tend to think about during the poses is sex. It entertains me and it makes time fly. But the result of having sexual thoughts once led me to having an erection, which in a figure drawing session is inappropriate. Hence my idea for the fantasy. My fantasy would begin with me posing naked in front of the art class. To relax, one of the artists tells me to play with my thoughts and create a story in my head. So I begin to think about one of the artists there. I imagine her approaching me and beginning to touch me and eventually performing oral sex before we finally begin to fornicate. The class around us watches as they quickly try to capture each sexual act on their canvases or drawing pads. As the artist and I are deeply engaged in one another, we hear the timer go off, signaling the end of the pose to which I then snap back to reality out of my fantasy and notice the faces of disapproval from most of the group. They are looking at my pelvic area to which I look down and notice I have an erection. Feeling embarrassed and ashamed, I turn to look at the girl I was thinking of and she is blushing. We steal a glance at each other and smile before the class continues.