Does this get you wet?

A Sexual Fantasy

— By secretsandlies

I recently became friends with a friend of a friend of mine, like me she is single and likes to go out dancing so we became instant friends. As we get ready for a night out on the town she tells me she can see my pantyline through my dress, and I should just take it off. She lifts my skirt and slips off my panties to my feigned protest. We head out all night but I can't help but think about her hands slipping off my underwear. As I grind up on a guy, I can see her watching me from the corner of my eye. When we get back to her place she teases me about being all over that guy. She grabs me by the waist and pulls my ass to her crotch imitating us on the dance floor. She's joking around, and we're both laughing. Then she says "I bet he turned you on, did he get you wet, is this how you like it?" she says bending me over as she grinds her crotch on my ass, "does this get you wet?" I laugh. "Well does it?" she whispers in my ear, I notice her hand is on my thigh now. "You should find out" I finally reply. Her hand slowly moves up thigh, until she starts to caress my pussy that had been wet for her since we left that evening.