Those people at the dinner table

A Sexual Fantasy

— By 123Moondog

Was it a dream? Was it a nightmare?

Me and my girl having wild sex, on our dinner table. The table is fully laid for a exquisite dinner, with silver ware and crystal glasses. Both our parents are there, eating and drinking, politely chatting with each other. And we are on the middle of the table, she's riding my cock, while I play with her firm breasts, sucking her hard nipples. She orgasms, shouting loud. Our dinner guests are discussing the weather, while we change positions, now I fuck her doggy style, and while doing so, my thumbs wander off, and end up opening up her butthole. She looks me in the eye, while looking over her shoulder, and shouts: fuck me in my butt! Our parents continue their polite conversations, pouring some more wine. I pull out of her pussy, and change holes. In four or five thrusts I penetrate her tight anus. We both shout foul words at each other making ourselves even hornier. Our guests leave the dinner table, still chatting politely with each other. And then, at the moment that my mother serves dessert, I come, deep in my girl's ass. Gently I pull out, my fluids leaking out, down her leg on the tablecloth. Still naked, covered in sweat, we eat dessert together, no one thinks it is weird. Later, we kiss our guests good night, and start cleaning up.
Was it a dream? Was it a night mare? It sure was the weirdest (s) experience of my life...