Declaration in the thermal baths

A Sexual Fantasy

— By cornflakegirl

I have always been a great fan of dirty acts in public places. I was on holiday and I had met this Spanish guy who I really liked. I did not know how to approach him, as we were always surrounded by other friends. Just a few days before our holidays finished I decided it was time to make a move, as I didn't want to go back home without having tried what it was like to be with him. One day the whole group of friends went to some outdoors thermal baths. On the way there I started thinking that the 'dirty' water of the baths would be the ideal setting for me to make him understand my interest for him. So there we were, a group of seven people sitting next to each other in the baths and chatting. I sat next to him. A few centimeters separated me from him, and from the rest of our friends who kept on talking without realizing what was happening. I started touching his thigh slightly just to give him a warning sign. He immediatly turned to me with a smile upon his face as if to say something funny. But I looked at him, and the look I gave him was enough for him to understand I wasn't joking. So he kept quiet and looked elsewhere as if nothing happened, while I made my way up his leg to reach his penis. That's when I realized I was being lucky, as my eyes could not see it, but my hands could definitely feel that he was extremely well hung. He started responding to my strokes and touching me under my swimming suit. My handjob was starting to get more and more intense, but I had to be careful not to move the water too much. So I realised it would have been better to move somewhere else. I stood up and headed to the toilet. He understood and came after me. He entered the toilet and locked the door. The sink became the most natural place for me to let him do whatever he wanted to me. As he took me from behind I could see myself in the toilet's mirror and looked at him.That's when we smiled at each other hearing that somebody was trying to open the door and had understood what was happening. But we kept on going!