Deaf but Hard

A Sexual Fantasy

— By AudgeLiz

We have a deaf delivery guy that comes by a couple times a week at my workplace. He is quite friendly and has a great sense of humour. We always wave and smile at each other when he comes in the door. I guess he can read lips, which leads me to believe that at one point perhaps, he was able to hear. He does, however have that sound to his voice that a lot of deaf people have.

Ever since he walked through the door some years ago, I thought he was rather attractive. Which lead me to wonder what having a relationship with a deaf man would be like.

Which also led me to wonder what noises he would make if I were to fuck him. I wondered if his other senses were heightened because of his deafness.

His sense of sight as he gazed at the freckles on my cheeks.

His sense of touch, as he ran his hands all over my body.

His sense of smell, as he held his face close to mine.

His sense of taste as he licked my entire body, focusing on my cunt.

I wondered what he would sound like when I ran my tongue along his cock.

What moans and grunts he would make when I slid my went cunt onto his cock.

I wondered what his cries of ecstasy would sound like as I fucked him to climax.

Yes. I wonder....