Camping with friends

A Sexual Fantasy


There were fifteen of us camping, our tents lined up in the ring of a big circle that had been mowed out the day before. Everyone was from the "sex positive" group that we were part of. Even so, lying in the tent at night, other than a shifting of sheets and some quiet gasps of breath, everyone was quiet. I started rubbing my girlfriend, lying naked next to me. When I pinched her nipple, she let out a quiet moan and quickly covered her mouth. I gently pulled her hand away while my other hand rubbed her stomach and made its way to her pussy. She shifted on the mattress and when I felt her pussy, wet and open, I eased my finger into her. This time her moan was louder and her free hand grabbed my cock. Her moans grew louder, but now she was joined by sounds from the other tents. The silence was broken and from all around the circle, sounds of passion and lust filled the night air.