Bathe in this waterfall

A Sexual Fantasy

— By PrimalGuy

It is prehistoric times. You are bathing in the waterfall outside our cave. I am sitting on the water bank, watching you. Intently.

You let the water run through your long, wild hair. I think of all the times you ride me as I lie on my back, pushing my cock deeper and deeper inside you, as your cascading hair blankets us both.

You let the water run over your face. Beautiful face. Beautiful smile. I think of what you look like when you're about to come: eyes full of wonder, like the best thing ever’s about to happen.

You let the water run over your lips, into your mouth. The lips that kiss. The tongue that licks. The mouth that sucks. When you suck me, it is like being inside a woman.

You let the water run over your neck and shoulders. How many times have I buried my mouth into the nape of your neck, driving you crazy? How many times have I pinned you down by your shoulders, spreading your legs, taking you? With you all too willing to submit, again and again.

You let the water run over your breasts. Your nipples are hard. Only I could make you come with just one gentle caress, just one lick, just one suck.

You let the water run over your belly and mound. You never thought such pleasure was possible until I showed you what I could do with my hands, my mouth, my tongue, my fingers. And then with my cock, to drive you right over the edge.

You bend over, to let the water wash over your back and buttocks. And that is when I pounce.