And suddenly, it's a match!

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Margie

My first contact with Erika Lust’s work was at the Berlin Porn Film Festival. I was fascinated to see the performers talking about the taboos around sex and the fight they are giving against stereotypes and the sexist mainstream porn industry. After two years of following the XConfessions movies, I have felt that I know somehow the performers. I try to imagine how they are in real life, what are their hobbies, what is their style? What is Kali doing in her everyday life? What kind of movies does Sadie watch? How is Bishop spending a typical Wednesday evening? And one day, while I am swiping left and right on a dating platform, I see him. I recognize him immediately and all the hot scenes of that porn movie runs through my mind. I feel the thrill all over my body. I decide to send him an intro and tell him that I have seen his work with Erika Lust and really love it! And suddenly it’s a match! My excitement is getting bigger and bigger. Having a proper date with a performer from Erika Lust’s movies is not a fetish, rather than a dream come true! These people are real-life heroes for me! They have offered me orgasms.. They have helped me find out what I really like with sex and what my sexuality looks like. My mind is blowing away, thinking what this date could bring..