I ditched my bf for an erotic photoshoot with my bosses

A Sexual Fantasy

— By gennazachery

I am Genna from a big state with a lone star.


When I was in grad school I worked part time at a photo lab that processed real film photos for professional photographers. The owner and his wife ran the business and obviously preferred to hire cute age employees. They told me that every once in a while some photos may get sexual and if I was offended (I wasn't) to let them know.


The first time I got some sex photos the owner's wife said, "OK that's fine, just make a note on the computer job ticket of what's on the image." So... I would review an image, type a description like "blond girl giving head job in sauna" or "two people having sex on a white rug" or "2 people having sex by a pool."


I had worked there for about 6 weeks when the owners invited all the employees over to their house for 4th of July picnic dinner, drinks and the pool. When I got there it took me about ten seconds to realize that's the same pool, same white rug and later found the sauna that were in photos I had processed. And to make it even crazier I recognized a few people at the party who were in the photos.


The next time I worked was about 2 weeks later and I thanked the owners for inviting me to the party, told them I liked their home and recognized it from some of the photos. The owner's wife said she's the photographer, they do photos about once a week and she would be honored to have me and my boyfriend over for some photos. Well.. I did go over for a photo shoot but ditched going with my boyfriend and brought one of the other guys from work who I had been wanting to mess around with anyway.


We got there about 7pm and there were already a couple bikini models doing some photos out by the pool, and we were in the living room. We played around a little for a while doing photos and finally got down to fucking for a while when I noticed the bikini models and some other people were outside on the patio watching us. I have never had much interest in anyone watching me but this experience was absolutely the best I have ever had.