The Amateur Tapes

A Sexual Fantasy

— By AmateurAnnie

There is a dark side in me that makes me feel uncomfortable sometimes, but I can't help succumbing to temptation: I do appreciate good cinematography, good storytelling, well-produced high production value porn. But I also feel the impulse of searching for other kinds of content: I look for raw, badly lit, amateur videos. I like them more when I have the feeling that I'm watching something forbidden, something stolen, something that shouldn't be there. I like hearing the gasps and groans that are real - the shaky camera work as he tries to capture the moment of penetration. Seeing the sweat on their bodies, the family photographs on the walls, the messy clothes on the bedroom floor. Like a sneak peek into a real couple's life, rather than a set. I know this can sound a little immoral. But I do not demand that they are actually obtained by dishonest means, I just need to believe they are...