All the World's a Sex Stage

A Sexual Fantasy

— By FreakONN

My wife is performer in a public theater with small group of actors, and sometimes she has sexy scenes on stage that look so real. One day before a show I asked her how she makes those acts look so real. She said:"Practice!"

The next evening, when she left for the performance, I wished her luck by saying "Go get 'em" to which she replied, "Oh I will get it, don't worry." Weird. "Well just don't make me jealous!" I warned as she went out the door.

Later that evening, I arrived at the opening performance. The lights went of and show started. On stage appeared a man who narrated the story. Behind him on the stage, the actors performed silently. In the final scene, the narrator told a story about jealousy and sex, how the love of his life cheated on him and how it drove him mad. He started imagining how the sex was between her and lover and he was tormented by it. He talked about it while the act was happening behind wooden blocks set up artfully on stage so that you could never quite see what was happening and had to use your imagination.

You never even saw their faces. The blocks were in different shapes with different sized holes. The audience only got a brief glimpse of the actor's big engorged penis before the performers were positioned behind the blocks. All women in the audience sighed. The actor, who was really just a torso begged the actress to satisfy him with her beautiful mouth, and she seemed to oblige. Only her side was visible, and his hands kneading her butt. The lights dimmed and the play was over. My wife was behind the blocks, smiling and waving to the applauding audience. I swear the actor next to her had a limp wet cock, but that was probably a coincidence.