A Very Public Reunion

A Sexual Fantasy

— By fromhere

Hey Erika! How is Barcelona? Here is my confession.

I am in Budapest, headed to a sex club on a Saturday night. I am texting my girlfriend after returning from Buenos Aires. As I am driving into the city by taxi, she gives me the address where I can find her. I enter the place, past security, and go to the bar to order a drink. The dance floor is full of beautiful people and after a while I spot her in the middle of it - all dressed in black dancing away. I keep my eyes on her till she spots me, and as she does she points at me and signals me to come over. I slowly walk towards her, and the way she stares at me - if looks could kill... As I reach her she pulls my head towards her and dives into an everlasting kiss, her tongue so deep inside of me that all I can breathe is her. As everybody still keeps dancing she slowly undresses me, opens my shirt, my belt, and pushes me down to the floor. I am lying there with all the disco lights flashing above me and her standing there starting to run her high heels up and down my naked body. I notice that suddenly everybody has left the dance floor to escape to places where they can start toughing each other or themselves as they watch us. She keeps teasing me, with her feet and her eyes, until I have a full erection that everyone can see. Next thing she takes off her panties and pushes them into my mouth. I am fully exposed to her desires. Then she slowly starts bending her knees, moves down just to reach the tip of my penis, a slight touch to feel me. She moves her hips in circles for a while, then teases me only for a short moment until she is finally fully sitting on me -  before releasing me again and moving back up and off, leaving me even more excited. She stands up and walks around me. I can hear the sound of her heels as all of the music is turned off. Next she comes back down onto me, this time she rubs her yoni on my knee, then down to my mouth asking me to put my tongue deep inside of her. I am shaking all over and I am almost screaming for more, but she decides to walk away. She orders a drink at the bar, kisses the guy that stands next to her, and leaves me wondering who he could be.