A Quicky at the Spa

A Sexual Fantasy

— By konrad_xxx

Me and my then-girlfriend went to this sauna place in Berlin a couple of years ago... they had this small rooftop sauna that was kind of hidden, so we went up wearing our bathrobes... you can probably guess what happened. We didn't even get into the sauna, there was this relax zone just outside and we would hear if someone opened the door right around the corner. So I was sat on this bench and she knelt in front of me, opening my robe. My cock was rock hard by that point and she started sucking. Before I came, I pushed her away, got up and positioned her on those small steps leading out of the relaxation zone. She grabbed the door frame with both hands, basically looking out towards the entrance. I just pushed up her bathrobe and started pounding her from behind, grabbing her waist and groping for her boobs underneath her gown. I think we came simultaneously, and about 20 seconds later (I hadn't even pulled out yet) we heard people coming. By the time they got there, we were just entering the sauna, probably looking slightly flushed... and I hope no-one saw the cum running down the inside of her thighs!