ANALÓXICA - The Summer I Became A Pornographer

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Somos inseparables yo y mi cámara de Super 8mm. Para mi no hay nada mas excitante que la sensación de filmar en analógico.

Aprietas el botón y la película comienza a correr. El sonido del motor moviendo cada fotograma después de ser expuesto. La luz y su sombra, la imagen fijada para siempre en esos 8mm de haluro de plata.

El deseo de filmar y ser filmada. La piel que se me eriza cada vez que siente el sonido de la cámara filmando, el deseo contenido en cada plano, en cada mirada a través del visor. No existe repetición, todo es auténtico.

Un caloroso día del último verano de Universidad, fuimos dos amigos y yo a la playa. Estábamos completamente solos. Yo llevaba mi cámara y jugábamos con ella, rodando por la arena y bañándonos en el mar. En un momento dado mis amigos empezaron a besarse apasionadamente, provocándome con sus miradas. Se quitaban la poca ropa que llevaban y se pusieron a tener sexo allí delante de mi. Delante de mi cámara. Y yo seguía, seguÍa filmando....

Captar ese momento fue una de mis experiencias más excitantes jamás vividas. Ahora no puedo parar! Quiero más! Debo encontrar otra pareja que me deje inmortalizarlos en Super 8, es mi nuevo fetiche.

My 8mm camera and me … we are inseparable. For me, there is nothing more sensual than analog film.

You push the button and instantly the reel starts rolling. The sound of the motor moving every photogram after being exposed. The light and the shadow, the captured image forever, on 8mm silver halide.

The desire to film and to be filmed. The skin refusing every time when you feel the sound of the filming camera, the desire in every look through the lens. There is no repetition, everything is authentic.

The summer I decided to become a pornographer was the summer after my university graduation. I remember it as if it was yesterday. Two friends and me decided to take a day off and hang out at the beach. When we got there we discovered that we were completely alone. I had brought my camera and we started fooling around with it, taking videos of each other rolling around in the sand, walking on the beach. We were having so much fun when suddenly my friends started kissing. After a little while they looked at me filming them, laughing and asking if they were making me uncomfortable. I kept my eyes on the camera the entire time and just told them to please keep going. They went from kissing to touching each other's bodies and soon their clothes came off. It was the most intimate and exciting moment of my young life. That's when I knew that this is what I want to do for the rest of my life.

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  • 123Moondog
    To be shot with an actual 8 mm camera, naturally!
  • theonethatlives
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Born in Lugo in 1991, since her youth she has approached the world of art through theater and painting. She studied audiovisual communication in Santiago de Compostela and specialized in photography in Barcelona, ​​where she developed her career during the last years. Since then she combines her activity as a visual artist with her professional work as a photographer, videographer, teacher and coordinator in cultural projects, moving mainly between the Galician territory and the city of Barcelona.

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