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Coming from Warsaw, Misha Cross is a multifaceted actress whose talent knows no bounds. With a career in adult cinema across Europe and the USA, she's made her mark on both sides of the Atlantic, captivating everyone with her versatile performances and undeniable attractiveness.

One of Misha Cross' notable roles came in the groundbreaking movie Can Vampires Smell My Period? by Erika Lust. As one of the pioneering movies to feature menstruation, it showcased Misha's bold acting and addressed the topic of period sex, still considered taboo by many studios of adult cinema. 

Misha also stars in Horny Beasts, a movie that seamlessly blends artistry with the exploration of human desires. In this provocative movie, she took on the role of a woman who takes part in a passionate threesome. With her raw talent and dedication to her craft, Misha elevates every project she touches, leaving an impression and cementing her status as an amazing performer in adult cinema.

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Horny Beasts

This performer has a strong desire for the hybrid creatures that surround her—the most creative movie in the XConfessions series combines sex with modern dance. She is afraid yet aroused; she wishes to control and be taken by them. With Max Deeds and Juan Lucho, she will go on an adventure of chase, lust, and pleasure.

Dude Looks like a Lady

Misha and Geri play a couple, spending a calm night together until she decides to experiment with his extremely manly look by adding make-up, stockings, underwear, a dress, and a wig, and the results are unexpectedly hot. It drives her insane with desire—the way they fucked, him dressed in drag.

Warsaw, Poland
Years Active
Since 2013

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