The Tailor

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Owen

I arrived at a high end store to get a suit measured, something I need to do for work. The meeting was in the evening, the only time I could make it from the office. When I got there, the store was empty except for me and the tailor, who I found out, to my surprise, was a woman. She was good looking and well dressed, with interesting eye makeup, someone who clearly puts a lot of time into their appearance. As she started the measurement I realized just how close she was going to have to get. As she was reaching up my inner thigh to measure my inseam I started to feel the flutter of arousal. After she'd put the measuring tape away she handed me a suit to try on. I headed into the change room. It wasn't lost on me that there was no one else in the store and only a thin layer of fabric between me in my underwear and her. Nothing happened but I secretly hoped she would rip open that curtain and come get undressed with me. I left that day with a new suit, a new fantasy.