On Command

A Sexual Fantasy

— By original wanksta

I was at an intimate gathering recently when the host -- Ana, a local dom -- asked for everyone's attention, saying she had something to show us.

She called over a nondescript-looking man who had been mingling with the crowd. She introduced him as James, one of her subs. "Who wants to see you how well trained he is?" We gathered around, eager to see what she had planned.

Ana ordered James to strip. He dutifully removed his clothes, placing them in a tidy pile beside him. He stood in front of us fully nude, his penis fully erect.

"Good boy. Are you ready, James?"

"Yes, mistress."

Ana paused for suspense, finishing her glass of champagne. Everyone was silent, watching with anticipation. Finally, she looked James in the eyes and said one word: "Come." Immediately, his body trembled, and he began to ejaculate.

Ana reached out her gloved hand and held the empty coupe glass beneath the tip of his cock, collecting his seed. "See what a good boy he is? He always comes when I ask, and he doesn't even need to touch himself!"

When the applause died down, Ana handed the glass to James and he wandered off somewhere to get dressed. After that, the ice was broken. Clothes started coming off and the mood at the party became much more sexually charged. The rest of the evening was a blur of beautiful bodies.